Tuesday, June 16, 2015

food glorious food!

Food glorious food! I seriously love food. I've been a vegetarian for 10 years this year, so have been relatively healthy during that time. Before that, I didn't know much about food or cooking, and I still lived at home with my parents so I guess I didn't need to! I also have had a serious sugar addiction. Chocolate being my absolute favourite thing in the world, but anything sugary would do really. However, in April 2015 I did my first ever detox. AKA teatox. I didn't know what to expect having never done one, and I actually didn't feel like it was doing anything while I was on it, but afterwards I realised I had lost 3 kilos and my sugar cravings were almost completely gone! Seriously, for me that is amazing. 
My reason for detoxing and wanting to shed a couple of kilos was for my upcoming wedding, so after the detox I continued eating as clean as possible and cutting out as much refined sugar as possible, and guess what, I dropped 3 more kilos! Clean eating combined with my self-made exercise regime helped all this happen within only about three months. My target weight is now reached and I'm finding it very easy to maintain.

Lots of people have commented on my weight loss, because being quite small to begin with, losing 6 kilos really shows on me. And lots of people have asked me about the detox. I did the Skinny Me Tea teatox and I would definitely recommend it, but I would say to make sure you follow their guidelines in regards to the 'Colon Cleanse Tea' properly, as one of the main ingredients is senna, a well known laxative that helps clear you out, but that you can't take for too long. I would also say be very careful, because I can see how some people might want to do another teatox again right afterwards, after being encouraged by their weight loss, but SMT do not recommend that (read the FAQs before commencing your teatox). Your body needs to re-boot once you finish, so I'd recommend a course of probiotics. But it really is a great kick starter and for me, it helped me in my journey of clean eating.

I still eat the 'naughty' things; pasta (my second favourite thing!), potatoes, bread, chocolate, cakes and the occasional glass of wine, but for me its all about balance, and there are sooo many healthy ways to enjoy the foods you love. My new fave cook book is The Art of Eating Well by Hemsley and Hemsley and my fave app for raw vegan, sugar, dairy and gluten free treats is the Hippie Lane App. Subscribe to the blog for some of my own upcoming recipes, and for other websites, cook books, Instagram foodies etc that I love as well.

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