Thursday, July 23, 2015

aerial yoga

Last week I was invited by my yoga teacher to come along to an aerial yoga class with her. It was something I'd seen on Instagram (check this amazing yogini - one of my faves!) just the day before so jumped at the chance to try it out! It was held in a noisy cold gym in Long Jetty (half an hour away from me) so wasn't the ideal location, BUT it was so much fun. Different to regular yoga and I found it a bit easier, although it was only an intro class. Below are a few photos of Carrera and I. They're not really blog-worthy but had to share!

I really enjoyed aerial yoga and would recommend it to anyone interested in trying it out, but next time I'd really like to try it in a slightly warmer environment haha, like a purpose-built yoga studio. Sky Lab in the city looks amazing and they have beginner classes and workshops on all the time. Might have to take a day trip into the city some time soon!

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